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Construction Material Recycling NZ

We recycle everything we demolish at Demoworx

Recycling the solid waste materials on your construction or demolition site contributes to savings on supplies. Most demolition materials — concrete, wood and metals — can be used in new building construction, making the process more affordable.

Demoworx recycles demolition materials for good reasons.

Protects the environment

Conserve and protect the natural environment

Reduces energy consumption

Energy savings results from decreased consumption of natural resources

Reduces air
& water pollution

Decreased consumption of natural resources, such as mining crushed stone or extracting and refining petroleum.

Mitigates global warming

Conserve and protect the natural environment

Limits waste going to landfill

Often discarded – these materials are valuable commodities that can be recycled into new products or used in new ways.

Saves money

Recycling or using material onsite can reduce your material hauling and disposal costs.

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