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Expert Class B Asbestos Removal in New Zealand


Safe, Compliant, and Efficient Asbestos Handling

Asbestos poses significant health risks, and its removal demands precision. At Demoworx, we specialise in Class B asbestos removal, ensuring the utmost safety and compliance with New Zealand regulations.

Experienced and certified team

Modern equipment for efficient removal

Strict adherence to safety protocol

Asbestos FAQs

Why is professional asbestos removal crucial for property renovations?

Engaging in property renovations without first addressing potential asbestos can be a grave mistake. Asbestos-containing materials, when disturbed, release harmful fibres that pose significant health risks. Professional asbestos removal ensures that these materials are identified, handled, and disposed of safely, allowing your renovation to proceed without endangering your health or that of construction workers.

How do professionals ensure safety during the asbestos removal process?

Professional asbestos removalists adhere to stringent safety protocols. They use advanced equipment to contain and filter asbestos fibres, ensuring they don't spread. Workers wear protective clothing and respirators to prevent inhalation. After removal, the area undergoes thorough cleaning and air monitoring to confirm the complete elimination of asbestos risks.

Can I stay in my home during asbestos removal?

It's generally advised to vacate your property during the asbestos removal process. This ensures your safety and allows the professionals to work more efficiently. The duration of your absence will depend on the extent of asbestos present and the areas of your home affected. Your asbestos removal company will provide guidance on the best course of action.

Ensure Safety for Your Property and Your Wellbeing

Don't leave asbestos removal to chance. Trust the experts at Demoworx for a job done right.