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Commercial demolitions
and stripouts

You won’t see wrecking balls or dynamite — but we’ll get your job done with the best commercial demolition techniques available.

Demoworx has a core staff of experienced, expert project managers with access to the best specialists and equipment. We demolish buildings, clear your site, remove and recycle waste, clear unwanted or toxic material and leave your property ready for the next stage of development.

We safely remove the buildings and infrastructure not required for the next stage of development. 

Construction materials like concrete, timber, steel and glass need to be removed from a building site before further development can begin.

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Experts at toxic waste removal

We’re experts at removing toxic and dangerous material like asbestos. We remove flat and corrugated asbestos-cement (Fibrolite) sheeting, roofing, vinyl, floor tiles and any other building materials which may contain asbestos.

​As a licensed asbestos removal contractor, Demoworx ensures your demolition is in capable hands from initial site inspection to the clearance certificate.